Linthicum USAR K-9 Training Facility Rules & Regulations

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When training at Linthicum:

Each individual, this includes K-9 handlers, subjects, and observers, must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement. The Hold Harmless Agreement must be witnessed by the team / organization leader or their representative. The Agreement is to be filed in the trailer office.

What you carry in you must take out. This means take all debris and trash (including empty water bottles, your dog poop) with you when you leave at the end of training.

Pick up and properly dispose of your dog poop. Poop bags are not to be dropped in the porta potty and definitive not left next to the steps to the trailer.

All lids, barrels and cushions need to be put back in the sea storage containers at the end of training.

Ensure that all padlocks to the agility course, sea storage containers and trailer are locked at the end of training.

If you use the generator to heat or cool the trailer, it is your responsibly to buy replacement gas.

Rules & Regulations (pdf)       |       Hold Harmless Form (pdf)